How does Daniel's view of the human race change because of Erika in Daniel's Story?

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Daniel's Story is a 1993 historical fiction novel written by Canadian novelist Carol Matas. It tells the story of a young Jewish boy named Daniel who survives the horrors of the Holocaust during World War II. Daniel believes that the human race is a disgrace, and that humans deserve to be punished for their cruelty. However, his younger sister Erika manages to change his opinion by explaining to him and his girlfriend Rosa that all people are born with a choice to be either good or bad; the Nazis have chosen to be bad because they believe that it is the right thing to do, as they live in "a world based on hate."

She tells them that, in this case, the people have three options: they can choose to sit still and do nothing to change the situation, they can accept the evil regime of Nazi Germany and live with it, or they can "make things better" by being kind and humane. Erika reminds her brother to remember the people who suffered by all of the hatred in the world, and she tells him that he should be wiser and stronger and choose to be good; thus, he will be able to create and live in a world based on love and kindness.

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