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1. Why does Dom not always do what Lek tells him to when he is in Lek's village?

2. Why does Sleator present the supernatural elements of his story as literally real rather than offering alternative ordinary explanations for events?

3. Which character is better developed, Dom or Lek?

4. How well does Sleator seem to understand Thai customs?

5. At the end of the novel, is Dom free of Thai spirits and their influence?

6. What do these words and phrases mean: falang, wai, khwan, phii, phii prai, jai rawn, jai yen, and som-nam-na? What are the rules governing when these words and phrases may be spoken? Why are they important to Dangerous Wishes?

7. What role do the computers play in Dangerous Wishes? Why would Sleator include them in the novel?

8. What motivates Lek to help Dom? What does this reveal about Lek's character?

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