(Critical Survey of Literature for Students)

For twenty-five years Edgar, a captain in the Swedish coast artillery, and his wife, Alice, live an unhappy existence. Their unhappiness is caused by Edgar’s contempt for everyone else in the world; he thinks of himself as a better being than others, even his wife, and he makes their marriage a tyranny. They live on an island off the coast, where Edgar is the commanding officer of the artillery detachment. Living in an old prison, they avoid the other people of the island as well as officers of the post and their wives. Indeed, Alice is virtually a prisoner in her home. The only means of communication she has with the mainland is through a telegraph key, which she teaches herself to operate. She keeps her skill with the telegraph a secret, for her husband does not want her to have any means of communication with the outside world.

Alice’s only hope of release from her husband’s tyranny lies in the fact that he is ill and might die at any time. On their silver wedding anniversary, Curt, Alice’s cousin, arrives on the island to officiate as the quarantine officer. On his first visit to Edgar and Alice he learns about the life that they lead, when Edgar suffers an attack and Alice gloats over her husband’s illness. Curt, who was divorced by his wife, also learns that Edgar caused the divorce and persuaded the court to award the custody of the children to Curt’s wife.

During the two days that Edgar is ill, grave changes take place in the three people. Alice turns gray-haired. Feeling that the time has come when she should admit her age, she stops tinting her hair. She also becomes an object of distrust to Curt, for she tries to make love to her cousin while her husband is ill. Curt, unable to understand her actions, cannot fully realize how much she hates her husband and how much she suffered during the past twenty-five years. Edgar himself resembles a corpse after his illness, but he immediately tries, upon his recovery, to dominate the others.

On the third day after his attack the captain tells his wife he is going to divorce her. In retaliation, she tries to have him convicted of the embezzlement of government funds, of which he is innocent. She also embraces her cousin Curt in her husband’s presence, at which time Edgar tries to kill her with his saber. After that incident, both husband and wife become calm, admitting they tortured each other enough. They both say they hope that they can get along with each other peaceably, if not happily.

A few months later Curt’s son Allan, a cadet stationed with Edgar’s artillery company,...

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