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(Poets and Poetry in America)

In addition to being an influential poet, Dana Gioia (JOY-ah) is one of the most controversial critics of his generation. His collection of essays Can Poetry Matter? Essays on Poetry and American Culture (1992) was a finalist for the National Book Award. He has edited a number of anthologies, coediting undergraduate literature textbooks with X. J. Kennedy and the Longman Anthology of Short Fiction (2001) with R. S. Gwynn. He also coedited Poems from Italy (1985) with William Jay Smith and New Italian Poets (1991) with Michael Palma. Gioia has translated “The Madness of Hercules” (1992) by Seneca the Younger and Eugenio Montale’s Mottetti: Poems of Love (1990); he also translated several poems of Valerio Magrelli in his own collection Interrogations at Noon. In addition, Gioia has composed an opera libretto, Nosferatu (pr., pb. 2001), with composer Alva Henderson, which had its concert premiere at West Chester College on June 7, 2001.