Daisy Miller Chapter 3 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapter 3 Summary and Analysis

The next January, Winterbourne arrives in Rome at Mrs. Costello’s request. She also asks him to bring her “that pretty novel of Cherbuliez’s—“Paul Méré”. When he comes to Rome, he discovers that Daisy is worse than ever, going everywhere with “foreigners,” obvious fortune-hunters. Winterbourne again insists that Daisy is ignorant, but not bad. Mrs. Costello replies that the Millers are vulgar; she will leave the question of whether vulgarity is “bad” or not to the metaphysicians, but the Millers are bad enough to dislike.

Winterbourne hesitates concerning a visit to Daisy. He decides to go instead to a gathering at Mrs. Walker’s, a wealthy American lady whom he knew in...

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