(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

Daggerspell begins the story of Nevyn, a disowned prince, who becomes a master of the magic art of dweomer. He does so to atone for his youthful indiscretion that resulted in the disgrace and death of those nearest to him and his own banishment. The first part of the story takes place in the seventh century, when Nevyn (then named Prince Galrion) is torn between the girl he loves and his desire to study the magic discipline of the dweomer. He inadvertently causes his betrothed lover and her brother to engage in incest, leading to their deaths, as well as the death of a rival suitor. Prince Galrion is disowned by his own father who now calls him Nevyn (which means "no one"), and he is cast out forever from the privileged noble class. He makes a vow to never rest until he atones for his errors, and the gods hold him to his pledge. Nevyn leaves with a master of the dweomer to study herbal healing and slowly learn the ancient magical lore that will aid in his attempts to fulfill his destiny.

Most of the balance of the novel takes place 400 years later, with Nevyn as an old master of the medical arts and the dweomer. Nevyn has been kept alive by the gods and the magical crafts he has learned. Over the generations, he continues his task of identifying the persons who are the reincarnations of his long-lost lover and her brother. Whenever he identifies those who now carry their souls, a task that requires all of his subtle dweomer skills, he must seek to intervene in their lives to help them avoid once again their tragic fate of centuries past.

A girl named Jill is the latest reincarnation of Nevyn's lover, and a prince named Rhodry is her reincarnated...

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