The Da Vinci Code Chapters 91-100 Summary

Dan Brown

Chapters 91-100 Summary

Chapter 91
Chapter Characters:
Silas, the albino monk
The Teacher
Sir Leigh Teabing
Remy Legaludec

Chapter Summary:
Remy ties up Teabing and tapes his mouth shut. As he and Silas drive away, the Teacher calls, and th e Teacher tells Remy that he'll be killing Silas for his disobedience.

Chapter Themes:
The power of belief, and the need to believe.

Chapter 92
Chapter Characters:
Robert Langdon
Sophie Neveu

Chapter Summary:
Langdon and Sophie got to King's College to consult the database in the Department of Theology and R eligious Studies, for help breaking the code in the verse. The...

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