The Da Vinci Code Chapters 101-105, Epilogue Summary

Dan Brown

Chapters 101-105, Epilogue Summary

Chapter 101
Chapter Characters:
Robert Langdon
Sophie Neveu
Bezu Fache
The Teacher/Sir Leigh Teabing

Chapter Summary:
Back at the Chapter House, Langdon weighs his choices. As Teabing watches, he remembers luring Silas to his death by having Silas tell him he'd received information about S's family's death. Langdon tries to trick Teabing by lying to him, then does trick him by throwing the cryptex into the air after having set the dials to spell out the missing five letter word: apple. This was the "orb" missing from Newton's tomb; the "Rosy flesh and seeded womb" of the verse refers both to the apple's color and seeds, and to the eternal feminine, which is symbolized...

(The entire section is 718 words.)