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Charlie Tynan

Charlie Tynan, a London playwright. Charlie is Da’s foster child. At the age of forty-two, he has returned to Ireland to bury his deceased father. He is a troubled man who is unable to exorcise Da’s presence from his memory. Charlie’s earlier abjuration of Da’s rustic sensibility is a source of shame for him, as is his perception of his father as boorish and obstinate. His father’s posthumous visitations to Charlie’s mind are reflections of Charlie’s fixation on Da and the remarkable impressions he left on Charlie throughout their embattled relationship.

Nick Tynan

Nick Tynan, called Da, a longtime gardener for the Prynne family. Da is eighty-three years old at his death but appears in the play at various ages from his fifties to the time of his death. Da is a cantankerous man, even when younger, yet he is proud of his fifty-eight years of diligent service as a gardener for the Prynne family. Although he is contrary to people like Drumm, his insistence on haunting Charlie is a reflection of his forceful personality and dominant role in shaping Charlie’s life.

Margaret (Mag) Tynan

Margaret (Mag) Tynan, often called Mother, Da’s wife and Charlie’s mother. She is in her late seventies at her reported death, but the play presents her during her late fifties. Mag is devoted to both Da and Charlie and exhibits pride in her rearing of Charlie after his natural mother abandoned him. Her one act of defiance is to accept an invitation to tea from an old friend and thus to alienate Da.

Mr. Drumm


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Charlie's adoptive mother appears in his memory...

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