To Da-duh in Memoriam

by Paule Marshall

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What events occur in the middle of "To Da-duh in Memoriam"?

Expert Answers

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In the rising action or middle of the short story, Da-duh and her granddaughter are bantering back and forth about their home environments and whose is best.  Da-duh wants to convince her “fierce” granddaughter to embrace the culture and traditions of Barbados.  As the matriarch of the family, she wants to instill a sense of pride in where her granddaughter’s family originates.  Da-duh shows her granddaughter the sugar cane fields that surround her home and the tall palm trees in the grove. She brags that there is nothing like them anywhere else trying to convince her granddaughter of the importance of Barbados in her life.  The granddaughter, however, tries to convince Da-duh that her environment in which she lives is beautiful, too.  The granddaughter comes from New York City and describes to Da-duh the skyscrapers and busy streets.  It is a totally different landscape and lifestyle than Barbados, and the granddaughter represents how the family has moved on to a more modern world. 

So, the middle of the story shows the relationship between the two and how they bicker and try to “one up” each other in trying to explain and convince the other that the different lifestyles they live are something each should embrace. 

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