D. W. Griffith *Principal Works - Essay

*Principal Works

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

A Fool and a Girl (drama) 1907

The Adventures of Dolly (film) 1908

After Many Years [adaptor; from the poem "Enoch Arden" (1864) by Alfred Lord Tennyson] (film) 1908

The Fatal Hour (film) 1908

The Greaser's Gauntlet (film) 1908

The Redman and the Child (film) 1908

The Salvation Army Lass (film) 1908

The Song of the Shirt (film) 1908

A Convict's Sacrifice (film) 1909

A Corner in Wheat [adaptor; from the short story "A Deal in Wheat" (1903) by Frank Norris] (film) 1909


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