D. H. Lawrence Poetry: British Analysis - Essay

D. H. Lawrence Poetry: British Analysis

(British and Irish Poetry, Revised Edition)

D. H. Lawrence had written poetry all his creative life, but he did not set his poetic theory down until 1923. His poetry, as with nearly everything that he wrote, is uneven; and he knew it, distinguishing between his early self-conscious verse and the “real poems” that his “demon” shook out of him, poems he called “a biography of an emotional and inner life.” In a preface to another man’s poetry, Lawrence defined the process by which he himself transmuted “inner life,” the core of his work, into art: “a bursting of bubbles of reality, and the pang of extinction that is also liberation into the roving, uncaring chaos which is all we shall ever know of God.” Lawrence’s poetry is thus best seen in the context...

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