Czeslaw Milosz

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How is a simile or metaphor used in a poem by Czeslaw Milosz?

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"The Encounter" uses the extended metaphor of the hare running across the road to suggest a fleeting moment in time, or an "encounter."  The hare represents the unexpected, that nature reinforces the unforseen moments in life.

Milosz uses imagery as well; the "red wing" in the darkness; this splash of color, taking flight can be a metaphor for a moment of hope in dark times.  The idea of the bird taking flight, fleeing the darkness, reflects perhaps Miosz' hope to find something better.

Milosz concludes the poem by asking:

"O my love, where are they, where are they going
The flash of a hand, streak of movement, rustle of pebbles.
I ask not out of sorrow, but in wonder. "

The unexpected encounter still brings wonder, even years later.

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