Cyrano de Bergerac Overview Quiz

How much do you know about the ultimate tale of selfless love? Test yourself with eNotes' Cyrano de Bergerac Overview Quiz below.

  1. What does Cyrano agree to do for Christian?

  2. What does Roxane claim Cardinal Richelieu's letter orders?

  3. Why is Christian afraid to pursue Roxane?

  4. What does Cyrano do while he duels with Valvert?

  5. What does de Guiche do when he finds out Christian and Roxane have wed?

  6. Why does the Comte de Guiche want Roxane to marry his friend Valvert?

  7. Why is Cyrano sure Roxane's secret crush cannot be him?

  8. What does Cyrano give to the theater manager to compensate for the closing of the play?

  9. What is Cyrano's distinguishing feature?

  10. What news does De Guiche bring Roxane?