Cymbeline "Pardon's The Word To All"
by William Shakespeare

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"Pardon's The Word To All"

(Magill's Quotations in Context)

Context: Cymbeline utters these words near the end of the play when the entire complicated plot has been revealed. Imogen is safe in the arms of her husband, Posthumus, who pardons Iachimo for the treacherous, lying acts which almost led to Imogen's death. Arviragus and Guiderius are disclosed by Belarius as the long-lost sons of Cymbeline. Cymbeline pardons Belarius and reinstates him as a courtier. Posthumus also proves that he aided Cymbeline in his fight against the Romans and thereby wins Cymbeline's thanks and love.

I am down again. [Kneels.]
But now my heavy conscience sinks my knee,
As then your force did. Take that life, beseech you,
Which I so often owe; . . .
Kneel not to me.
The power that I have on you is to spare you;
The malice towards you, to forgive you. Live,
And deal with others better.
Nobly doomed.
We'll learn our freeness of a son-in-law.
Pardon's the word to all.