Cyberpunk Short Fiction Representative Works - Essay

Representative Works

(Short Story Criticism)

Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology [edited by Bruce Sterling; contributors include Pat Cadigan and William Gibson] (anthology) 1986
Storming the Reality Studio: A Casebook of Cyberpunk and Post-Modern Science Fiction [edited by Larry McCaffery; contributors include Kathy Acker, J. G. Ballard, William S. Burroughs, Don DeLillo, and Thomas Pynchon] (anthology) 1992

Kathy Acker
*Blood and Guts in High School (novel) 1982

J. G. Ballard
*The Atrocity Exhibition (short stories) 1969

Alfred Bester
*The Stars My Destination (novel) 1956

Bruce Bethke
“Cyberpunk” (short story) 1983

William S. Burroughs
*Naked Lunch (novel) 1959

Pat Cadigan
“Rock On” (short story) 1984
“Angel” (short story) 1987
Patterns (short stories) 1989
“True Faces” (short story) 1992

Raymond Chandler
*The Big Sleep (novel) 1939

Samuel R. Delany
*Nova (novel) 1969
“Among the Blobs” (short story) 1988

Philip K. Dick
*Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (novel) 1968

William Gibson
“The Gernsback Continuum” (short story) 1981
Burning Chrome (short stories) 1987

William Gibson and Bruce Sterling
“Red Star, Winter Orbit” (short story) 1986

Rob Hardin
“Fistic Hermaphrodites” (short story) 1988
“Microbes” (short story) 1988
“nerve terminals” (short story) 1988

Harold Jaffe
“Max Headroom” (short story) 1988

James Patrick Kelly
“Solstice” (short story) 1985

Marc Laidlaw
“400 Boys” (short story) 1983

Tom Maddox
“Snake-Eyes” (short story) 1986

“Wire for Two Tims” (short story) 1983
“Wire Movement #9” (short story) 1983

Thomas Pynchon
*Gravity's Rainbow (novel) 1973

Rudy Rucker
“Tales of Houdini” (short story) 1983

Lewis Shiner
“Till Human Voices Wake Us” (short story) 1984

John Shirley
“Freezone” (short story) 1985
“Wolves of the Plateau” (short story) 1988

Olaf Stapledon
*Last and First Men (novel) 1937

Bruce Sterling
Crystal Express (short stories) 1990

Bruce Sterling and Lewis Shiner
“Mozart and Mirrorshades” (short story) 1985

Robert Stone
*Dog Soldiers (novel) 1973

James Tiptree, Jr.
The Girl Who Was Plugged In (novella) 1973

*These works are considered important cyberpunk influences. Source: Kadrey, Richard. “Cyberpunk 101 Reading List.” Whole Earth Review (summer 1989): 83.