Chapter 54 Summary

Hema and Marion land in Addis Ababa at dusk. Marion has been gone seven years, and when he returns to Missing he can see how worn down the buildings look. He asks the taxi to stop and gets out at Shiva’s tool shed; he tells Hema he will walk the rest of the way. He passes the spot where a motorcycle felled its rider, but he feels no dread. As he walks up the hill, Marion is flooded with memories of his childhood with Shiva and Genet. Near their cottage, he sees a group gathered around Hema; when they see him, Almaz, Gebrew, and Matron turn to him and wait.

Three days after his return, Matron asks Marion to Casualty. A young girl has been gored in the abdomen by a bull and is bleeding out as they watch. She will not...

(The entire section is 893 words.)