Chapter 39 Summary

The patient is under and ready for surgery. Marion is to perform the operation and Deepak is to supervise, with Sister Ruth as the scrub nurse. Sister Ruth announces a change in plans: Popsy (Dr. Abramovitz) wants to operate and is on his way. Everyone in the room groans good-naturedly and tells Marion it is his job to contaminate Popsy as soon as he picks up a scalpel in whatever creative way he can find. No matter what, he must contaminate Popsy. Marion turns to Sister Ruth, hoping for some help. She tells him to pray for the intercession of Our Lady...and contaminate Popsy.

This is the twelfth week of Marion’s surgery internship at Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, and all he has seen of America during that time is...

(The entire section is 1368 words.)