Chapter 36 Summary

Ghosh calls it heuristics, solving problems for which no formula exists. Life is full of signs; the key is learning how to read them. Marion’s heuristics are a mix of “reason, intuition, facial appearance, and scent”—and none of them are found in a book. But he does not trust his nose when he scents something different about Ghosh, the man who excelled at the “Three L’s: Loving, Learning, and Legacy.” Marion attributes Ghosh’s even more jovial self to his new position.

On the morning of Hema and Ghosh’s anniversary, Marion awakens at 4:00 a.m. to study. At six o’clock he leaves Ghosh’s old bungalow and goes to his boyhood home, where Shiva still lives. The door to the bathroom hallway is...

(The entire section is 1959 words.)