Chapter 30 Summary

It has been sixty days since Zemui’s death. Genet is still confined to the house; Rosita, with her missing tooth, is still prickly and easily antagonized. Gebrew finally tells her it is time to stop mourning—even Zemui’s legal wife has finished mourning. When he says that, Rosina explodes with angry passion and calls that woman a harlot. The next day she boils everything she owns that is not already black and many of Genet’s school clothes in a vat of black dye. When Hema asks about sending Genet back to school, Rosina curtly replies that the girl is still in mourning.

Two days later, on a Saturday, Marion hears a shout of celebration from Rosina’s quarters and knocks on her door. Rosina opens the door just a...

(The entire section is 1491 words.)