Chapter 3 Summary

Dr. Kalpana Hemlatha, Hema, is the woman Marion comes to call his mother. At the time of Sister Mary Joseph Praise’s labor, she is five hundred miles away, flying over the Gate of Tears dividing Yemen from Africa. Hema later tells the boys that as she flew over the Gate of Tears, she heard a call she now knows was them; they always thought it was a strange place for an epiphany.

After boarding the plane as she returns a visit to her home in India, Hema thinks about her colleague, Dr. Ghosh. He is an odd-looking man with a teasing manner. Hema spoke of him so often that her mother wondered if he could be her future son-in-law. Hema quickly dismissed the idea, particularly since her mother would be so unhappy that he is...

(The entire section is 577 words.)