Chapter 26 Summary

Gebrew meets the boys at the gate and tells them Ghosh has been taken—and Marion’s childhood has also been taken. At twelve, Marion knows he is too old to cry, but for the second time that day he cries because he does not know what else to do. Shiva is silent but his eyes reflect his brother’s pain. As one, they race up the hill toward home. When they get there, Hema is on the couch, pale and sweaty. Almaz is hovering over her and holding a bucket. Their cook tells them Hema drank the water—which they should not do—and Hema insists she is all right. Marion knows it is not all right, that nothing is right now that Ghosh is gone and Hema is so ill. It is his worst nightmare.

As Marion weeps into Hema’s sari,...

(The entire section is 1894 words.)