Chapter 15 Summary

The twins are baffling to Ghosh; he resents the attention they are getting from all the women of Missing Hospital. No one notices when he leaves and drives to town to make some enquiries regarding Thomas Stone. There has been no word, so Ghosh stops for a beer and solidifies his plans to leave. He has a ticket to Chicago via Rome; he will leave in four weeks, though he has not yet worked up the nerve to tell Almaz, Matron, or Hema. He returns home after dark. Almaz is waiting for him again, huddled in the driveway as she was the night Sister Mary Joseph Praise died. He assumes she has news of Dr. Stone, but he is wrong. Almaz tells him one of the babies stopped breathing, and they go immediately to Hema’s bungalow.


(The entire section is 1038 words.)