Chapter 11 Summary

On the morning Sister Mary Joseph Praise dies, Dr. Abhi Ghosh wakes to the sound of pigeons cooing on the windowsill. Mornings are the times he misses Hema the most when she is gone from Missing, and this morning her bungalow next door to his is silent in her absence. Every time she leaves he is terrified she will return married, and he is tormented by such thoughts until she returns.

They play a game: he pretends to woo her and she pretends to chase him away. But Ghosh is not pretending, and when she left for this visit to India he wanted to ask her to marry him. He knew she would laugh— a sound he loved unless she was laughing at his expense—so he did not. Instead, he mailed off applications for an internship in...

(The entire section is 835 words.)