Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Julian Campos

Julian Campos, the main character, a twenty-year-old university student. He longs for freedom and attempts to attain it legally, but he eventually realizes that he will never be allowed to leave Cuba. Although Julian’s parents were deeply distressed about having to leave their son behind when they left the country, they made the choice to leave. Despite Julian’s own desperation to leave Cuba, he never forgives his parents for leaving for the United States without him. Julian is a good, responsible young man. He cares deeply for his ailing grandmother Bernarda and for Carmina, Bernarda’s housekeeper and nursemaid. Julian tries to do what is right and obtain his freedom legally, but he suffers for his efforts.

Bernarda Del Rio

Bernarda Del Rio (RREE-oh), Julian’s grandmother. She represents that group of people who believed in the system but became disillusioned after the repressive government began to retaliate against those who opposed the revolution. After Julian’s father, Ernesto, was imprisoned for organizing “antirevolutionary activities,” Bernarda renounced Cuba and the revolution. She longs for a reunion with her son in the United States.


Carmina (kahr-MEE-nah), Bernarda’s faithful housekeeper and friend. She nurses Julian’s grandmother until she dies, then cares for Julian after his...

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