Chapter 7 Summary

Two months have passed, and Undine is engaged to be married to Ralph Marvell. Mrs. Heeny is at the Spragg hotel suite, giving Undine a manicure. Mrs. Heeny talks about the ring Undine is wearing, the ring Ralph has given her as a mark of their engagement. When Mrs. Heeny mentions how old the jeweled ring is, Mrs. Spragg expresses disappointment that Ralph did not buy Undine a new ring. Mrs. Heeny has to explain that this is an old European tradition—and it signifies quite an honor to be given a family heirloom such as this ring. Mrs. Heeny is helping Undine prepare to meet the patriarch of Ralph’s family, Mr. Dagonet, Ralph’s grandfather.

According to New York custom among the rich old families, Undine is forced...

(The entire section is 621 words.)