Chapter 5 Summary

Undine attends the opera with her friend Mabel Lipscomb. Undine had met Mabel at a boarding school. Mabel is a New York native and is now married to a stockbroker. Upon arriving in the city, Mabel had taken Undine “under her wing” and introduced her to members of society. It was at Mabel’s party that Undine met the artist Mr. Popple as well as Ralph Marvell.

Undine had thought Mabel would be an asset for her first appearance at the opera. However, she soon discovers that Mabel is loud and very demonstrative, rudely pointing at everyone as she notices people in the audience. Once the house lights are lowered, Undine, who had been uncomfortable with the stares coming from people because of Mabel’s strange...

(The entire section is 511 words.)