Chapter 10 Summary

Mr. Spragg is under a financial strain. Mr. Dagonet has come to visit him at his office after Undine and Ralph’s engagement is announced. Mr. Dagonet explains the nature of Ralph’s position in society. Mr. Dagonet tells Mr. Spragg that Ralph does not have a job and will never have one. Mr. Dagonet will pay his grandson a stipend, but the amount is minimal—barely enough to cover the cost of two or more of Undine’s dresses. By the time Mr. Dagonet leaves the office, Mr. Spragg understands that he will have to continue supporting his daughter even after her marriage.

On top of this burden, Mr. Spragg learns that Undine wants to move her wedding date forward, meaning that instead of having months to prepare for the...

(The entire section is 528 words.)