Christian Themes

(Literary Essentials: Christian Fiction and Nonfiction)

Lucado’s Cure for the Common Life is a daily living guidebook that encourages us to study our everyday lives for practical answers to our employment questions. By completing the STORY assessment, Lucado claims, we will see the areas in our life where satisfaction and success meet.

Ultimately, though, Lucado’s text is about faith. As Scripture suggests, most things in life come down to this one issue. Believing the promises of God lies at the heart of this guidebook. At one point, both Abraham and Sarah laughed at the outrageous promise of God. What about the stuttering murderer Moses? Could he believe his call? Lucado’s book asks us a similar question. Do we believe the radical claims of such Scripture as Psalm 139? Does our God know us that intimately? How about the first chapter of Ephesians? Did God really pick us, imperfect as we are, and create what Lucado defines as a sweet spot for each of us? Perhaps some of us will believe that God designed this thing Lucado calls a sweet spot for each of us that will reveal a part of his glory. Lucado’s book calls us beyond merely believing in God to believing God, to trusting him, to surrendering all that matters to his care.

At its core, Lucado’s guidebook asks us the really hard questions of Christian surrender and faith. Will we fall into the secular sickness of disbelief, doubt, and depression? Or will we seek a cure? Do we trust God not only with our souls in the afterlife but also with our everyday lives in the here and now? Do we trust his gifts, his guidance? What about our hopes for our children? Lucado asks. Do we trust God to give our children sweet spots? Do we believe in the power of the Resurrection in our everyday life? Like the Israelites of long ago, we question whether God will make good on his promise to guide us to a sweet spot. Can our Lord transform the mundane tasks of a mundane job into the stuff of miracles? Reading Lucado’s chapter titles one after the other leads us to Lucado’s answer to that question of faith: “Use your uniquesness to make a big deal out of God every day of your life.” If we do, Lucado affirms, we will live in a sweet spot.