Places Discussed

(Critical Guide to Settings and Places in Literature)

Home city

Home city. Place where Psyche, the daughter of a Greek king, was born, possibly on the island of Crete. The city has many altars and temples dedicated to Venus that are neglected as the pilgrims from many countries who throng the streets throw flowers at Psyche’s feet. Outside the city is a cliff top which is reached by climbing a steep hill. It overlooks a deep valley. This arrangement is typical of many ancient Greek cities. Psyche’s bier was laid at the highest point.

Cupid’s mansion

Cupid’s mansion. Place where Psyche lives as Cupid’s wife. Situated in a valley carpeted with flowers and soft grass, it is surrounded by pleasant meadows, a grove of trees, and a clear-water spring. The mansion’s roof is made of costly woods supported by golden and ivory pillars. Inside, the splendid hall is paved with marble on which there are pictures made from small blocks of colored stones. Golden lamps hang from the roof and stand in niches all around it. Golden statues stand on pedestals, and many other precious things lie around. A bath of silver is provided for Psyche’s comfort. Food is served on a golden table. It is populated by invisible servants.

Temple of Ceres

Temple of Ceres. One of the places that Psyche visits in search of help to find Cupid, the temple is located on the hills above Crete’s plain of Cisamos. It resembles many Greek shrines, with pillars...

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