A Cup of Tea: A Novel of 1917

by Amy Ephron

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In Amy Ephron's A Cup of Tea: A Novel of 1917, who sends Philip to war?

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Philip's new wife, Rosemary, is on hand to send him off to war when he leaves from the Hudson Dock.

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The literary work referred to in this question is Amy Ephron's A Cup of Tea: A Novel of 1917, which expands on Mansfield's short story "A Cup of Tea." In the novel, Rosemary Fell is a wealthy young lady who is engaged to Philip. Impulsively, Rosemary invites a tattered young woman to her home for tea one day. The girl is Eleanor Smith, and she is beautiful. Rosemary sincerely wants to help the girl, and Rosemary's friend Jane gets Eleanor a job and a respectable place to live.

Philip, however, sees Eleanor and is struck by her beauty. The two begin an affair, but then Philip goes off to fight in World War I. Before he leaves, he marries Rosemary as is expected of him in his social position. Eleanor watches from a distance as the couple leaves the church after their wedding. Only two days afterward, Philip leaves for war, with Rosemary on hand to send him off from the Hudson Dock.

While Philip is in a prisoner-of-war camp, Eleanor gives birth to his child. Philip eventually makes it home and decides to leave Rosemary and be with Eleanor and their daughter. Rosemary regrets that she ever offered Eleanor a cup of tea.

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