Cultural Identity in Nineteenth-Century Australian Literature Representative Works - Essay

Representative Works

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

Rolf Boldrewood [pseudonym of Thomas Alexander Browne]
Robbery Under Arms (novel) 1882-83
The Miner's Right (novel) 1890

David Burn
Plays and Fugitive Pieces (plays) 1843

Ada Cambridge
The Manor House and Other Poems (poetry) 1875
The Three Miss Kings (novel) 1891

Marcus Clarke
His Natural Life [also published as For the Term of His Natural Life] (novel) 1870-71
The Austral Edition of the Selected Works of Marcus Clarke (short stories) 1890

Charles de Boos
Fifty Years Ago [also published as Settler and Savage] (novel) 1867

Barron Field
First Fruits of Australian Poetry (poetry) 1819

William Forster
The Weirwolf (verse drama) 1876

Miles Franklin
My Brilliant Career (novel) 1901

Adam Lindsay Gordon
Bush Ballads and Galloping Rhymes (poetry) 1870
Sea Spray and Smoke Drift (poetry) 1876

Henry Halloran
A Few Love Rhymes of a Married Life (poetry) 1890

Charles Harpur
Thoughts (poetry) 1845
The Bushrangers, A Play in Five Acts and Others Poems (play and poetry) 1853
Collected Poems (poetry) 1883

Alexander Harris
Settlers and Convicts (novel) 1847
The Emigrant Family (novel) 1849

William Howitt
Tallangetta, the Squatter's Home. A Tale of Australian Life (novel) 1857

Henry Kendall
Leaves from Australian Forests (poetry) 1869
Songs from the Mountains (poetry) 1880

Henry Kingsley
The Recollections of Geoffrey Hamlyn (novel) 1859
The Hillyars and the Burtons (novel) 1865

John Dunmore Lang
The Convict's Wife [also published as Assigned to His Wife; or, the Adventures of George Flowers, the Celebrated Detective Officer] (novel) 1855
Poems: Sacred and Secular: Written Chiefly at Sea (poetry) 1872

Caroline W. Leakey
The Broad Arrow: Being Passages from the History of Maida Gwynnham, a Lifer (novel) 1859

Robert Lowe
Poems of a Life (poetry) 1885

Catherine Martin
The Explorers and Other Poems (poetry) 1874

James Lionel Michael
John Cumberland (poetry) 1860

Henry Parkes
Murmurs of the Stream (poetry) 1857

Rosa Campbell Praed
Policy and Passion [also published as Longleat of Koralbyn] (novel) 1881

Charles Rowcroft
Tales of the Colonies (novel) 1843

Henry Savery
The Hermit of Van Diemen's Land (satire) 1829
Quintus Servinton. A Tale, Founded upon Incidents of Real Occurrence (novel) 1830-31

Catherine Helen Spence
Clara Morison: A Tale of South Australia during the Gold Fever (novel) 1854

James Brunton Stephens
The Black Gin and Other Poems (poetry) 1873
Collected Poems (poetry) 1902

Tasma [pseudonym of Jessie Couvreur]
Uncle Piper of Piper's Hill (novel) 1889

Charles Thompson
Wild Notes from the Lyre of a Native Minstrel (poetry) 1826

James Tucker
*The Adventures of Ralph Rashleigh (novel) 1929

Maria Theresa (Johnson) Vidal
Bengala (novel) 1860

William Charles Wentworth
Statistical, Historical and Political Description of New South Wales (nonfiction) 1819
“Australasia” (poetry) 1823

*This work was written between 1844 and 1845. First published in 1929, a full version of the novel did not appear until 1952.