(Masterpieces of Fiction, Detective and Mystery Edition)
ph_0111206298-Forester_CS.jpg C. S. Forester. Published by Salem Press, Inc.

Apart from the Hornblower saga, for which he is best known, C. S. Forester wrote modern naval fiction, historical biographies, travel books, war adventures set on land, a romantic adventure, several allegories set in Africa, and, early in his career, three psychological crime thrillers. Although the mystery contributions have always been overshadowed by the hugely successful adventure novels that followed, they present compelling stories in their own right. Not content to follow the classical detective format, Forester wrote inverted mysteries that penetrate the superficial mechanics of crime to reveal the psychologies of the perpetrators. Forester never achieved any great measure of critical success, nor did he aspire to literary acclaim. He was well received by the public and will be remembered as a writer of good stories with fast-paced plots and meticulously researched details.