The Crucible Act I, Scene 3 Questions and Answers
by Arthur Miller

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Act I, Scene 3 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why is Hale invited to Salem from Boston?

2. Has Hale ever found a witch?

3. What is significant about the timing of Hale’s entrance?

4. What do we learn about Rebecca Nurse from Hale?

5. What does Giles mention to Hale about Proctor?

6. What does Giles mention about his wife?

7. What are Rebecca and John’s roles in the proceedings?

8. What does Abigail do when questioned?

9. How is Tituba treated when she finally concocts a conversation with the devil and names a Salem woman as a witch?

10. What does Abby do when she sees this reaction?

1. Hale is a noted authority on witchcraft.

2. Hale once thought he had found a witch, but thorough investigation revealed that there was a natural explanation for the questionable behavior.

3. Hale enters immediately after the conversation that reveals the conflicts among the residents of Salem.

4. We learn that Rebecca’s good reputation is widely known.

5. Giles tells Hale that Proctor does not believe in witches.

6. Giles tells Hale that his wife reads books and that when she is reading them, he cannot pray.

7. Both Rebecca and John refuse to be involved in the witch-hunt.

8. Abigail pins the blame on Tituba.

9. Tituba is greatly encouraged and treated like a hero.

10. Abby seeks the same kind of attention and begins naming names herself.