Act I, Scene 2 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why was Abigail dismissed from her job at the Proctor’s house?

2. What does Abby tell Proctor about the events in the woods?

3. How have Proctor’s feelings toward Abby changed?

4. When does Betty cry out?

5. How is this cry interpreted?

6. How is Betty finally calmed?

7. How does Rebecca explain the events in the woods?

8. Why would anyone resent the Nurses?

9. Why does Proctor dislike Parris?

10. Why does Parris dislike Proctor?

1. Abigail was dismissed from her job when Elizabeth discovered her affair with John.

2. Abby tells Proctor that they were merely dancing and that there was no witchcraft involved.

3. Proctor has put the affair behind him and no longer welcomes Abby’s advances.

4. Betty cries out when she hears the name of the Lord sung downstairs.

5. The cry is interpreted as another sign of witchcraft. If Betty is possessed by a demonic spirit, she cannot bear to hear the name of the Lord.

6. Rebecca Nurse seems to calm Betty merely by her presence.

7. Rebecca feels the events in the woods were merely expressions of adolescent foolishness.

8. The Nurses have been involved in a land war with their neighbors and were among those who kept Putnam’s candidate for minister out of office in Salem.

9. Proctor despises what he sees as Parris’ outrageous hypocrisy and greed.

10. Parris resents Proctor for arguing against paying him more money.

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