Act IV, Scene 1 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What are Tituba and Sarah Good discussing as the act opens?

2. How does Tituba describe the devil in Barbados?

3. What has happened that has made Parris so anxious?

4. What happened in Andover?

5. Why is Parris afraid to hang John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse the next morning?

6. Why is Parris more frightened to hang Proctor and Nurse than anyone else?

7. Why does Parris request a postponement of the hangings?

8. What does Hale request instead of postponement?

9. Why does Danforth refuse Hale’s request?

10. What has Hale been advising those condemned to do?

1. The two women are speaking of the devil coming to take them back to Barbados.

2. Tituba says the devil is a “pleasureman” in Barbados, a joyful figure.

3. Abigail and Mercy Lewis have run off with all of the minister’s money.

4. A court examining witches in Andover was overturned and rejected by the town.

5. Parris fears a rebellion in Salem similar to the one in Andover.

6. Proctor and Nurse are well respected in Salem and have far better reputations than any of those previously put to death.

7. Parris hopes that more of those condemned can be brought to confess and save their lives.

8. Because none of the prisoners can be brought to confess, Hale requests a pardon.

9. Danforth refuses to pardon anyone on the grounds that he will appear to be wavering in his judgment and that it is not fair to the 12 who have already hung.

10. Hale advises the prisoners to lie and save their lives.

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