Act II, Scene 4 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What orders do Cheever and Herrick have at the Proctor house?

2. What has happened to Abigail?

3. Why is this related to the poppet?

4. Did Elizabeth keep poppets in her house?

5. What is found in the poppet?

6. How did the needle get there?

7. Do the authorities believe Mary’s admission?

8. What does John do with the warrant for Elizabeth’s arrest?

9. What does Proctor believe is motivating the court at this point?

10. What does Mary warn will happen if Proctor attempts to interfere with the court?

1. Cheever and Herrick are to search the Proctor’s house for poppets and to arrest Elizabeth.

2. Abigail’s belly has been pierced deeply with a long needle.

3. The poppet was found with a needle sticking out of its belly. It was commonly believed that dolls were kept by witches and manipulated in order to torture people.

4. Elizabeth never had poppets in the house until that day, when Mary gave her one.

5. A long needle is found in the poppet in the same place Abigail had been stabbed.

6. Mary Warren admits that she may have left it there when she made it.

7. The authorities pay no attention to Mary’s admission.

8. John tears up the warrant for Elizabeth’s arrest.

9. Proctor believes the court is now motivated entirely by vengeance.

10. Mary tells Proctor that Abigail will accuse him of lechery if he attempts to interfere.

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