Act II, Scene 3 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why does Hale appear at the Proctor house?

2. Why would John’s Christian character be in question?

3. What reason does John first give for not going to church regularly?

4. What reason does John finally admit to for his behavior?

5. Why is John’s not going to church significant to the play?

6. What does Hale request the Proctors do to show their faith?

7. Are the Proctors successful in fulfilling this request?

8. Why is this particular commandment significant?

9. What news briefly shakes Hale’s belief in the court system?

10. What is his ultimate conclusion about the system at the end of this scene?

1. Hale travels to the Proctor house to question them on their Christian character.

2. John’s faith is in question because he does not attend church regularly and has not had his third son baptized.

3. John explains that Elizabeth has been sick and he has stayed home to care for her.

4. John admits his animosity toward Reverend Parris.

5. It shows his failure to conform to the rules of the society and to participate in the community.

6. The Proctors are asked to repeat the commandments.

7. John can name nine commandments but forgets the commandment against adultery.

8. John’s adultery with Abigail makes this particular commandment significant.

9. Hale’s belief in the system is briefly shaken by the accusation of Rebecca Nurse.

10. Hale still believes that the innocent will be pardoned and justice will prevail.

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