Act II, Scene 2 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What does Mary Warren give Elizabeth?

2. What is Elizabeth’s reaction to the gift?

3. How many people have now been arrested?

4. What will happen to those who do not confess?

5. Who has confessed?

6. What does this mean for the others?

7. What would spare Sarah Good from hanging?

8. What shocking news does Mary offer regarding Elizabeth?

9. What cause does Elizabeth immediately suspect?

10. Now that Elizabeth is accused, does John go quickly to the court to clear her name?

1. Mary gives Elizabeth a poppet, or doll, that she had sewn that day in court.

2. Elizabeth is surprised. A doll is an odd gift to give a grown woman.

3. A total of 39 people have now been arrested.

4. Those who do not confess will be hanged.

5. Sarah Good has confessed.

6. Now that one person has confessed, the charges against the others are more believable.

7. Sarah is pregnant, and the court will spare her unborn child.

8. Mary reveals that Elizabeth has been accused of witchcraft.

9. Elizabeth suspects the accusation was an attempt by Abigail to eventually marry John.

10. Even though Elizabeth has been accused, John hesitates to go to the court. He agrees to go only after being coerced by his wife.

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