Who is the most believable character in The Crucible?

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I think that all of the characters possess believability in the drama.  I would like to believe that the virtuous characters such as John or Elizabeth Proctor, Giles Corey, or Francis or Rebecca Nurse are believable.  I would like to think this.  The harsh truth for me is that the characters who are not so nice are highly believable because this is more reflective of how individuals manipulate the field and landscape of politics and elements of control.  The fact of the matter is that Reverend Parris is more concerned with his position than anything else or that Thomas Putnam is more involved in the aspect of real estate control and speculation, using the town crisis as a way to enhance his own position, are both highly believable and very sad.  I think that Abigail Williams is a very believable individual.  There are people who lie and carry on deceit in order to make themselves appear better than they are and manipulate public perception against enemies.  The reality is that all of the characters in the drama are believable.  I have seen more examples of the characters who possess the negative qualities, and find them more prevalent in the modern day setting, than the characters with those redemptive qualities.  Perhaps, this is where I find that the text is a statement of what is and a clamoring for what should be.

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