What three events and decisions by John Proctor or Abigail Williams influenced the outcome of The Crucible?

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There are a number of decisions that lead to the play's outcome.

(1) Proctor refuses Abigail's advances early in the play, (2) leading Abigail to charge Elizabeth with witchcraft. 

(3) Elizabeth lies in court when asked if Proctor had actually had an affair with Abigail, essentially disavowing Proctor's confession and leading to his arrest.

 Proctor's confession to adultery was also significant as was his final refusal to sign a confession to witchcraft. 

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The play ended with John Proctor refusing to confess because he does not want to lose his name, or what his name means.  This came about because he lied, and he had an affair.  Proctor wants to become a better person, and he would rather die than live a lie.

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