In The Crucible, what happens in John Proctor's last meeting with Elizabeth?

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You can find the answer to this question in Act Four of the play.  Unfortunately, the last time that husband and wife meet is right before John Proctor is taken away to be hanged.  The judges let Elizabeth and John out of prison; they are hoping that Elizabeth will talk to John, and convince him to confess to witchcraft so that he won't hang.  Too many people have been hanging, and the townspeople are growing weary and upset with the courts; they figure if they can get John Proctor to confess, maybe other people will too, and then less people will die, and less people will be upset with the courts.

Elizabeth agrees to speak to John, but "promises nothing" in regards to convincing him to confess.  She and John meet, discuss their children, her pregnancy, Giles Corey's death, discuss whether he should confess or not, and most touchingly, they express remorse and forgiveness for the bitterness, coldness and contention that has been in their marriage.  John pleads with her, "I would have your forgiveness, Elizabeth," asking for her to forgive his adultery.  She responds by saying, "I have sins of my own to count," and expresses remorse for being so cold to him.  They have a touching moment of closeness.  At this point, John says that he will confess to get his life, but can't follow through with it.  He tears up his confession and is sent to the gallows.  THe good news is that they were able to speak and patch things up before he died, and he went to the gallows a more confident and reassured man as a result of it.  I hope that helps a bit; good luck!

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