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Final projects for "The Crucible"

by katemschultz

  • Release Date: February 12, 2019
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In lieu of a final test of The Crucible, you will be required to complete one of the projects listed below. You may work on your own or in groups of two or three.

  • Production Design (1) Keeping the themes and general atmosphere of The Crucible in mind, design the scenery and the costumes for a production of The Crucible. You must have scenery for two of the places we see (Reverend Parris’ house [specifically, Betty’s bedroom], the Proctor home, the court and the prison) and costumes for five of the main characters. Keep in mind production concepts: for the set design, how will you use different parts of the stage, different heights, sizes, etc? For costumes, how will you use color? How can we tell who is “good” or “bad”? How people are related or not? A one-pageexplanation of your ideas must accompany this project.
  • Movie Trailer (1) Create a modern day situation that mirrors The Crucible. You may choose to find a situation similar to that of John Proctor, that of Abigail, or that of the entire town of Salem. The key is this must be a MODERN situation with similar theme or situations to those in The Crucible. You will them create a movie trailer as though this were a full-length feature film. You can use real actors, sets, andcostumes or you can find/create still images. Don’t underestimatethe importance of music and editing. You can do this as a film witha video camera, a Producer or PhotoStory project, or, as a lastresort, a PowerPoint. You also may include credits, and you mustinclude a placard at the end with the title of your movie andreferences to any material you did not create.
  • Children’s Book Adaptation (1) Though The Crucible deals with many adult themes, they are theme children can be taught. Keeping the themes and ideas the same, adapt The Crucible into a children’s book--complete with illustrations. You may change the characters (think Disney movie-- use animal or inanimate objects), but the language and, possibly the situations, must be changed so children can understand the themes and lessons.
  • Rewrite Ending (1) Starting with Act III, make a change in The Crucible the affects the rest of the play. What would happen if John Proctor admitted to witch craft? Who might he name? What if Abigail suddenly had a change of heart? What would happen if Mary Warren remained strong? What if Danforth believed John Proctor and saw through the girls’ lies? These are simply suggestions. Your rewrite should focus mainly on the area you decide to change, but make sure to bring the play to an ending. You must write this in script format.
  • Research Paper (1) Write five to seven pages (MLA documented research paper) on one of the following topics: 1. Current “witch” lore and “cults” (must have to do with witchcraft; not religious cults) and if these could cause the same reaction as the actions in The Crucible 2. An examination of the Wicca religion and how elements of it may or may nor be shown in The Crucible 3. A biography (before and after the trials) of one of the main characters (John or Elizabeth Proctor, Abigail Williams, Reverend Parris, Danforth or Hale). Examine what changed Miller made for his play and speculate why he might have made these changes.


Four different options for students to show their knowledge once finished reading "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller

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