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The Crucible Test

by McKinstry Rose

  • Release Date: February 12, 2019
  • Age Levels: Grade 11
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Matching: Match the following characters to their descriptions below by writing the character’s name in the blank provided. Each character may be used only once. (1 pt.)


Rev. Parris


Mrs. Putnam

Mr. Putnam

John Proctor

Elizabeth Proctor

Mary Warren

Giles Corey

Martha Corey

Ruth Putnam

Betty Parris

Rev. Hale

Rebecca Nurse

Judge Danforth

1. ______________________Elderly woman known for the good deeds she does for others in Salem, including delivering babies.

2. ______________________Daughter of wealthy landowners who is asleep with her eyes open at the beginning of the play.

3. ______________________Minister who is so greedy that he wants golden candlesticks.

4. ______________________Ornery old man who unknowingly accuses his wife of witchcraft because of her books.

5. ______________________Barbados slave; she is the first person to be named a witch.

6. ______________________He does not like it when people question his court.

7. ______________________She has such a good reputation that her husband says that could never tell a lie.

8. ______________________She is a weak follower; a servant who ends up turning on her master and mistress.

9. ______________________She is a bitter woman who has lost seven children.

10.______________________She is the only child of the minister; she fell ill at the beginning of the play.

11.______________________She is the ringleader of the girls and will do anything to protect herself.

12.______________________She is accused of casting spells on pigs.

13.______________________ He is a good man who has done wrong but is trying to make up for it.

14.______________________ He brings special books to town at the beginning of the witch hunt.

15.______________________ He is the wealthy landowner behind most of the witchcraft accusations.

Multiple Choice—write the letter of the correct answer in the blank provided. (1 point each)

  • The setting for The Crucible is: A.) Boston 1702 B.) Salem 1692 C.) Andover 1652 D.) None of the above
  • Parris is concerned with: A.) Helping Betty get better B.) The girls’ moral upbringing C.) His own reputation D.) Rebecca Nurse’s problems
  • Rev. Hale arrives in Salem: A.) With an open mind and confidence B.) Ready to suspect the devil has taken hold of the girls C.) Unqualified for his great tasks D.) Very prejudiced against Tituba
  • She made a poppet that was found in the Proctor home. A.) Abigail B.) Ruth C.) Mary Warren D.) Mercy
  • She is one of the group in the beginning, but the girls eventually turn on this girl when she tries to confess. A.) Abigail B.) Ruth C.) Mary Warren D.) Mercy
  • John Proctor’s confession to witchcraft is important to Danforth because: A.) He wants John to live. B.) He is concerned about the welfare of John’s soul. C.) He needs the confession of a prominent citizen to justify the executions. D.) He believes John is guilty.
  • He is afraid of the people of Salem because a knife was thrown at his door. A.) Judge Danforth B.) Rev. Parris C.) Judge Hathorne D.) Rev. Hale
  • Proctor refuses to give Danforth a signed confession because: A.) He hates Rev. Parris. B.) His life no longer has meaning for him. C.) He will not give up his good name. D.) Elizabeth has convinced him that death is better than dishonor.

True or false: Write true if the statement is true. Write false if the statement is false. For a point of extra credit, correct the false statements. (1 point each)

  • Before the witchcraft trials begin, Salem is a peaceful town without arguments or greed in the community.
  • Rev. Parris is a graduate of Harvard.
  • None of the people of Salem confess to witchcraft.
  • Rev. Hale questions the Proctors to determine if they are a good Christian family.
  • Elizabeth’s pregnancy saves her from hanging right away.
  • Hale was a devoted supporter of the trials throughout the play.
  • Giles Corey is killed because he refuses to confess to witchcraft.
  • Elizabeth Proctor pleads with her husband to confess to save his life.
  • Elizabeth Proctor harms Abigail by sticking a needle into a doll.
  • In the first scene between John and his wife Elizabeth, John is caught in a lie about Abigail.
  • The setting for Act II is the Parris home.
  • When asked to quote the Ten Commandments, John forgets “Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy.”


Test for The Crucible (for a college-prep level class)

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