The Crucible Act I, Scene 2 Summary and Analysis

Arthur Miller

Act I, Scene 2 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
John Proctor: husband of Elizabeth, one of the few townspeople who try to stop the court

Rebecca Nurse: wife of Francis, accused of being a witch

Giles Corey: landowner of Salem who tries to save his wife, who is accused

Mary and Mercy take their leave as John Proctor enters the stage. As he and Abigail speak alone, it becomes obvious that the two have had an affair. Abigail had been a housekeeper for the Proctors until John’s wife, Elizabeth, became aware of the situation between the two and dismissed her. Abigail’s attempts to revive the spark are rebuffed by Proctor, who has put the episode behind him. Abby tells Proctor...

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