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Act I, Scene 2 Summary

John Proctor—a farmer and a relatively well-respected man in the town—enters the Parris home. When he sees Mary Warren, his servant, there, he yells at her for leaving his house again. He threatens to beat her, and he sends her home to work. Mercy Lewis and Mary Warren both leave, and Abigail Williams begins to flirt with Proctor, saying she had forgotten "how strong [he is]." He asks what's going on, and Abigail says that Betty has simply "gone silly somehow." When he tells Abigail that everyone is talking about witchcraft, Abigail tells him that they were "dancin' in the woods, last night, and [her] uncle leaped in on [them]. She took fright, is all." Proctor smiles and calls Abigail "wicked" and says that she'll be in bigger trouble by the time she's twenty.

As she giggles nervously and he gives her a knowing look, it becomes clear that the two have had a sexual relationship. Abigail asks him for a loving word, but he declares that that's all over with. She claims that she waits for him every night, but he is adamant that she needs to forget about him. Abigail grows angry and says that she knows John still loves her and that it was Elizabeth, his wife, who fired her—she reveals that she's seen him looking up at her window at night. He denies it, at first, saying he hasn't left his farm in seven months (this is when Elizabeth found out about their affair and fired...

(The entire section is 493 words.)