The Crucible Act IV, Scene 3 Summary and Analysis

Arthur Miller

Act IV, Scene 3 Summary and Analysis

The others reenter the cell, and Cheever prepares to take a statement. John begins to answer the questions put to him, agreeing that he saw the devil and that he did the devil’s work on the earth. Soon after the formal confession is begun, however, Rebecca Nurse is brought in to witness it in the hope that it will, in turn, cause her own confession. Rebecca is astonished that John would do such a thing. When John is pressed to name those he has seen with the devil, he refuses to taint their good names. Danforth finally asks him to sign his confession and he at first refuses, then signs. Afterward, however, he snatches up the paper and refuses to give it back to be posted on the door of the church....

(The entire section is 800 words.)