The Crucible Act II, Scene 3 Summary and Analysis

Arthur Miller

Act II, Scene 3 Summary and Analysis

New Character
Francis Nurse: husband of Rebecca Nurse

Reverend Hale appears at the door as John is about to leave to talk to Abby. He tells the Proctors that Elizabeth’s name has been mentioned in the court. His mission is to determine the Christian character of the Proctors. Hale is concerned that John does not attend every Sunday and asks him for a reason. At first John offers the reason that Elizabeth had been sick. Soon, however, he cannot keep from telling Hale of his differences with Reverend Parris, who is always looking for more money. When Hale asks why one of his sons is not baptized, John tells him that he does not want the minister’s hand on his baby....

(The entire section is 970 words.)