The Crucible Act II, Scene 2 Summary and Analysis

Arthur Miller

Act II, Scene 2 Summary and Analysis

As John and Elizabeth wrangle over John’s guilt, Mary Warren enters. John grabs her immediately, furious that she should shirk her duties and go to Salem without his permission. Mary responds by offering Elizabeth a doll that she sewed for her during the trials that day. Elizabeth is puzzled by the gift, but accepts it. Mary then reveals that there are now 39 arrested, and that Goody Osburn will be hanged. Sarah Good, however, confessed to making a pact with the devil and will not hang. Mary also reveals that Sarah is pregnant, and the court will surely spare her to save her unborn child.

Mary then tells John and Elizabeth that she must go to Salem every day to sit on the court. John...

(The entire section is 839 words.)