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1. Identify the various dangers Manny faces in his day-to-day survival. Which does he consider especially threatening? Which would you consider especially threatening?

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2. Explain the causes and effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as you understand it from reading this book. How does Robert's experience with PTSD compare to or contrast with the experience as reported in other sources?

3. Look up Pancho Villa or Manuel Bustos and offer an overview, or summary of, the life of the historical figure. Is either a fitting hero for Manny? Whether yes or no, how so?

4. Review the development of bullfighting as sport and spectacle. How does attending a bullfight affect Robert, Manny, and their relationship?

5. Using clues provided throughout, speculate as to Sergeant Locke's motivation for his behavior at the close of the novel.

6. Research the plight of Mexicans who illegally enter the U.S. Explain how they cross the border, how they escape arrest, and how they begin life in a new country.

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